1st International UBI Challenge 2011: Contact & FAQ

Please email any questions you may have to ubi-challenge@ubioulu.fi.

1. Can a proposal be submitted by a group of individuals coming from different organizations?
Yes. If such a group's proposal is selected as a finalist, its financial support is determined by weighing region specific support with the number of individuals from that region. For example, if a proposal is submitted by a group comprising of one individual from Europe and two individuals from outside Europe, its financial support is (1x9000 + 2x10000)/3 = 9667 EUR.

2. What is the expected size of a group? We currently have about 8 people. Should we break this number up into smaller groups?
There is no predefined or expected size for a group.

3. If our group's design proposal is accepted as one of the finalists, does EACH group member receive 10000 euros or does the group as a WHOLE receive 10,000 euros?
Each finalist, whether an individual or a group of individuals, as a whole get up to 10000 euros.

4. A couple students are awaiting summer internship responses. Would it be possible to have group members participate in forming the proposal but not in the actual implementation over the summer?
Yes. The deployment group coming to Oulu can be a subset of the whole group contributing to the proposal.