1st International UBI Challenge 2011: Financial support

Each finalist is provided with financial support, which is determined by the home location of the finalist as follows:

  • Finland: 7000 eur
  • Scandinavia: 8000 eur
  • Europe: 9000 eur
  • Outside Europe: 10000 eur

The amounts seek to even out the differences in travel expenses from various locations to Oulu.

The financial support is paid against invoices as lump sums in two 50% installments. The first half will be paid in March 2011, conditional to the finalist committing to the development and deployment of the application in Oulu in form of a written agreement. The second half will be paid in July 2011 after the successful deployment of the application in Oulu has been confirmed.

Each finalist is welcome to use the money for travel, housing and other expenses as they find most appropriate. Typical monthly rent for a furnished 2-bedroom apartment in Oulu is ~700 eur, whereas a furnished 4-bedroom apartment costs ~1000 eur. We will be happy to assist in finding housing in Oulu.