2nd International UBI Challenge 2013: Resources

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Each finalist is supported with following resources.

2000 EUR grant

Each finalist gets a 2000 EUR grant for covering expenses, for example for travel and accommodation if the finalist's representatives decide to come to Oulu during the study, or for purchasing rewards such as movie tickets to be given to test users.

Liaison researcher

Each finalist is assigned with a dedicated liaison researcher, a doctoral candidate working in the UBI research program. The liaison researcher supports the finalists in the design, implementation, deployment and evaluation of the application, and coordinates activities and resources in Oulu. The finalists themselves are responsible for the implementation of the applications. The liaison researcher contributes to the reporting of the finalist's study as a co-author of the MUM 2013 manuscript.

Research assistants

A team of local research assistants (M.Sc. candidates in computer science and anthropology) supports the liaison researchers in the deployment and evaluation of the finalists' applications. Among other things they collect qualitative research data (e.g. conduct interviews and observations) according to the instructions of the finalists and their liaison researchers.

PATIO test user forum

PATIO test user forum has ~500 registered volunteers that based on their profiles can be invited to test new products and services .