UBISS 2014: Application

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Online application form will be available here in Jan 2014.

All prospective students have to submit the online application form.

While a student can apply to multiple workshops, (s)he should only apply to those workshops that (s)he really wants to attend. The application will be forwarded to the instructor of the 1st choice workshop for approval. If the student is not accepted to the 1st choice workshop, then the student will be considered for the 2nd choice workshop if the student has applied to multiple workshops etc.

Students will be enrolled to the workshops in two stages:

1. Open international call with application deadline on March 24, 2014.
Applications will be forwarded to the instructors who accept students to their respective workshops. If there is a larger number of valid applicants to a workshop than there are seats, then some students will be placed on a waiting list. Notifications will be delivered by April 7, 2014. All accepted students have to secure their seat by registering by April 21, 2014. After April 21, 2014, all unregistered seats will be handed over to students in the waiting list.

2. Any seats remaining after stage 1 vill be handed on first come first served basis to applications received by May 26, 2014.