UBISS 2016: Application

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Complete and submit the form below to apply for a seat in UBISS 2016

Application deadline: May 31, 2016

All prospective participants have to submit the application form below. While UBISS 2016 is primarily targeted at postgraduate students, undergraduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and industry and public sector professionals are also welcome.

While a candidate can apply to multiple workshops, (s)he should only apply to those workshops that (s)he really wants to attend. The application will be forwarded to the instructor of the 1st choice workshop for approval. If the applicant is not accepted to the 1st choice workshop, then the applicant will be considered for the 2nd choice workshop if the applicant has applied to multiple workshops etc.

Participants are enrolled to the workshops in two stages:

CLOSED: Stage 1 - Open international call with application deadline on March 7, 2016.
Applications will be forwarded to the instructors who accept participants to their respective workshops. If there is a larger number of valid applicants to a workshop than there are seats, then some applicants will be placed on a waiting list. Notifications will be delivered by March 21, 2016. All accepted participants have to secure their seat by registering by April 2, 2016. After April 2, 2016, all unregistered seats will be handed over to applicants in the waiting list.

OPEN: Stage 2 - Any seats remaining after stage 1 will be handed on first come first served basis to applications received by May 31, 2016.


The purpose of this application is to convince the instructor(s) of your preferred workshop(s) that they should select you into their workshop. Thus, please describe your current interests and activities, and your motivation and expectations on your preferred workshop(s) in sufficient detail.

NOTE! Before submitting your application form, please make sure that you have sufficient funding to attend the summer school. Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements and expenses.

Personal information

Please be sure to provide a valid email address.

Your current affiliation (e.g. university, company).

Your current position (e.g. researcher, research assistant, postdoctoral researcher, programmer, designer).

Your country of origin, i.e. your nationality.

Select your current degree as the highest degree you have completed so far, i.e. NOT the degree towards which you may be studying currently.

Information of current studies

Select the degree towards which you are currently studying.
If you already have a doctorate, please select "Not applicable (postdoctoral reearcher)".
If you are an industry or public sector professional not pursuing a degree, please select "Not applicable (industry)" or "Not applicable (public sector)".

The university where you are currently studying.

The country where the university is located.

Describe the field of your studies. Example: Computer Science.

Please enter the name and email address of your supervisor.

Please provide full references of your five most valuable publications, or type N/A if you do not have any publications yet.

Selection of workshop(s)

Provide a ranked list of the workshop(s) that you would want to attend.
Please do NOT select a workshop that you would not attend even if you would be accepted to it.

Describe your current R&D&I activities and interests

Describe your motivation and expectations regarding the UBI Summer School and your preferred workshop(s).

Where did you learn about UBISS 2016 from?