UBI Challenge 2013 welcomes international researchers to exploit the ubiquitous computing infrastructure of Oulu

UBI research program, coordinated by MediaTeam Oulu research group of University of Oulu, will host the second International UBI Challenge, where the urban informatics R&D community is invited to design novel applications and services in real-world setting in downtown Oulu, Finland.

UBI Challenge stimulates global research collaboration in a very concrete manner. It provides an opportunity to transfer ideas from labs into urban environment using the unique ubiquitous computing infrastructure available.

The competition builds on the legacy of the successful first International UBI Challenge, where four finalist teams spent summer 2011 in Oulu implementing and evaluating their applications with the general public.

The setup of the 2nd UBI Challenge is somewhat different. This time participation will be done remotely: the deployment and data collection of the finalist applications will be handled by the local UBI researchers. Finalists are still encouraged to arrive in Oulu for the field trial part in June-August 2013.

The computing infrastructure available in the 2nd UBI Challenge is also much more versatile, including a very large interactive wall and an interactive table located in a movie theatre in Oulu, a 3D virtual model of downtown Oulu, and traffic loop sensors around the city.

Submission of written proposals to UBI Challenge 2013 will close on April 8, 2013.