UBI-portal is an interactive web portal available in the UBI-hotspots. In principle any webpage in the public Internet can be included in the portal, as long as it conforms to particular design guidelines. The current version 3 of the portal contains ~25 services in 7 different categories as described below.

Category: News

Kaleva: Topical news and events of Oulu reported in Finnish by newspaper Kaleva.
65 Degrees North: News about Oulu in English.
BlueInfo: Free information services to you mobile device over Bluetooth.

Category: City

City of Oulu: Official information about the city provided by the City of Oulu Communications.
Event calendar: Adaptation of the Rummuttaja.fi service providing information about different kinds of events and happenings in Oulu.

Category: Services

Map: Google Maps based service directory which shows selected services placed on a map. The application also has a route guide, which gives instructions how to get from the UBI-hotspot to a particular destination.
Kaenkky Adaptation of the community maintained Kaenkky.com service providing information about restaurants in Oulu. By using a simple map-based interface the user can search for restaurants by category, location or opening times.
Public Transport: Information about public transportation in and out of Oulu, inclouding bus schedules, next arriving and departing trains and planes, and Potnapekka's schedules.

Category: Multimedia

StreetGallery: Virtual gallery for new media artists, with monthly changing exhibitions by different artist.
UBI Postcard: You can take a picture of yourself with the UBI-hotspot's camera and send it with your greeting to your friends by email.

Category: Fun & Games

Ubitris: In this simple yet addictive game the goal is to arrange different shapes of colourful blocks into lines to gather points as the game gets progressively faster. Registered users get their high scores on the High Score -board!
UBI Mosquitos: The objective is to splash the mosquitos and flies but not butterflies. Registered users get their high scores on the High Score -board!
Hangman: The traditional Hangman game both in English and in Finnish.

Category: 3rd Party

The University of Oulu sells rights to provide web-based services in the UBI-portal. The revenue from the sales are used to cover the maintenance costs of the UBI-hotspots.
Blood Service: The page provided by the Blood Service of the Finnish Red Cross offers information about the current blood reserve situation and shows the nearest donor center on a map.
Etuovi.com: The service provided by Etuovi.com provides information about apartments on sale in Oulu.
OUAS: The service provided by Oulu University of Applied Sciences provides information about study opportunities at OUAS.

Category: Help

The guide page includes instructions on how to use the mobile applications.

Category: Questionnaire

By filling in the online questionnaire you can provide valuable research data and feedback to us.