UBI Summer School 2010, Workshop B: Urban Informatics and Sustainable Cities

B: Urban Informatics and Sustainable Cities


Professor Marcus Foth, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Dr. Jaz Choi, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Patrick Hofmann, Google Australia

Workshop goals

One way to build more sustainable cities through network technologies is to start with monitoring the level and usage of resources as well as encourage citizens to participate in sustainable everyday practices. This workshop focuses on three fundamental areas of sustainable cities through urban informatics and ubiquitous computing:

  • Environment: climate change adaptation
  • Health: Food practices and cultures
  • Civic engagement: citizen participation and interaction

In particular, the workshop seeks to come up with locally (Oulu) specific ‘mash-up’ solutions that enhance the interactions of citizens with the physical city using data from various sources such as sensor networks. Students will work in groups to research, analyze, design, and develop local mash-ups. The workshop is designed to help students gain understanding of sustainability in a techno-social context, such as how the existing data can be effectively utilized, how to gather new data, and how to design efficient and engaging computer-human interactions. Further issues of consideration include access to and privacy of information and spaces, cultural specificities, and transdisciplinary research.

Video of the workshop's result presentation