UBI Summer School 2010, Workshop F: Interactive Textures – rethinking materiality?

Instructor: Professor Mikael Wiberg, Umeå University, Sweden

Workshop goals

In this workshop we will take a point of departure in current research and development within the field of ubiquitous computing. More specifically, we will work through current research within the fields of tangible user interfaces (TUIs), interactive architecture, and applications of new dynamic and computational materials in our everyday lives. The workshop will heavily focus on the notion of texture as a tool to rethink materiality in the context of unified digital and physical materials. We will work trough this notion through the scaffolding concepts of composition, connections, competition and compromises as to develop our language for talking specifically about the intersection of the physical and the digital. Following from that, this workshop focuses on the design implications given this framework and how it can be useful for understanding and rethinking materiality in any digital design project related to the “material turn” in interaction design.

Video of the workshop's result presentation