UBI Summer School 2010, Workshop D: Creating and Sharing Artistic Experiences with Ubiquitous Technology

Instructor: Jürgen Scheible, Aalto University, Finland

Workshop goals

This workshop investigates new ways of deploying ubiquitous technologies for creating and sharing artistic experiences in the context of a city. We want to create new types of digital art making in public space and discover novel possibilities for interacting with the urban environment through multimodal interfaces. The aim is to design and build tools and applications for artistic expression by utilizing the latest mobile technologies, public displays as well as small and large-scale projections. The city of Oulu and the "Open Ubiquitous Oulu" urban computing test bed will serve as our playground for generating ideas and for testing our prototype solutions. The students will first get an introduction into the latest features of smartphones programming and then learn how to use ‘Pygame’ and the programming language ‘Python’ and ‘Processing’ to program multimedia, web and server applications quickly. Further they will learn how to use these technologies for building multimodal interfaces and tools for art making. With an iterative rapid prototyping process we will then build applications based on students ideas and have them fully working by the end of the week ready for final presentation and demonstration.

Video of the workshop's result presentation