1st International UBI Challenge 2011: Submission of proposals

Both individuals and organizations ('participants') are welcome to submit a proposal for desigining, implementing and deploying an application in Oulu, Finland.

While the proposed application can be pretty much anything, for example a public information service, a mobile game, an interactive art piece or a social media application, there are few general requirements:

  • The application is expected to provide a service to the general public or a reasonable subset of the general public.
  • The service can be provided directly by the application, or the application can allow the municipality, a NGO or some other third party to provide a service to the general public.
  • The service is expected to be available for use continuously or for a substantial amount of time (e.g. a tournament of substantial duration for a game), thus one-time installations do not qualify.

A proposal must be presented using the template available below. A proposal must be complete, addressing each and every aspect of the template. Further, a proposal is expected to be anonymous so that information identifying the participant is provided only in section "1. Identification of participant" of the proposal template, not anywhere else in the proposal. An incomplete proposal or a proposal violating the anonymity will be rejected automatically.

A proposal must be submitted as a PDF file via email (maximum total message size is 50 MB) to ubi-challenge@ubioulu.fi by Nov 30, 2010, 23:59:59 UTC. The deadline is firm and all proposals received after the deadline will be rejected.

Participants retain all intellectual property rights related to their applications. Participants are also responsible for obtaining necessary rights to any third party materials possibly used in their applications.

Conflict of interest policy:

  • Participants affiliated with jury members (e.g. a jury member is the superior or supervisor of an individual) are most welcome to submit a proposal. However, potential affiliations with jury member(s) have to be declared in the proposal and the indicated jury member(s) may be omitted from the evaluation of the proposal.
  • Individuals employed by the UBI (UrBan Interactions) research program, and MediaTeam Oulu research group, the coordinator of the UBI program, are not eligible to submit a proposal.