3rd UBI Summer School 2012: Instructors

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Professor Aaron Quigley, University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Aaron Quigley

Aaron Quigley is the Chair of Human Computer Interaction in the School of Computer Science, University of St Andrews, Scotland. He directs the St Andrews Computer Human Interaction research group and is one of the theme leaders for the Multimodal Interaction research theme in SICSA, the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance. His research interests include surface and multi-display computing, human computer interaction, pervasive and ubiquitous computing and information visualisation. Aaron has published over 110 internationally peer-reviewed publications including edited volumes, journal papers, book chapters, conference and workshop papers and holds 3 patents. He has held academic and industry appointments in Australia, Japan, the USA, Germany, Ireland and the UK. He is the Editor-In-Chief for the Journal "Computers", a member of the joint steering committee for UbiComp and Pervasive and has had chairing roles in twenty international conferences and has served on over eighty conference and workshop program committees.

Dr. Keith Cheverst, Lancaster University, UK

Keith Cheverst

Keith Cheverst is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster University. His research focusses on exploring the obdurate problems associated with the user-centred design of interactive systems (typically systems that utilise mobile and/or ubicomp technologies, e.g. situated displays) in complex or semi-wild settings and the deployment and longitudinal study of these systems in order to gain insights into issues of user adoption and appropriation. He has published in excess of 130 research articles (and has an H-index of 25 and a G-index of 44) and led a number of research projects in the mobile/ubicomp space. Outputs include the Hermes display deployment which represents one of the longest running (and most widely cited) pervasive display installations and a commercial version of this system is due to be released shortly. Keith is a regular invited speaker and has previously delivered summer school courses in both Israel and Germany based on his research.

Dr. Alejandro (Alex) Jaimes, Yahoo! Research

Alex Jaimes

Dr. Alejandro (Alex) Jaimes is Senior Research Scientist at Yahoo! Research where he manages the Social Media Engagement group, which contributes to several products including Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Clues, and Yahoo! Image Search. Dr. Jaimes Dr. Jaimes is General Chair for ACM Multimedia 2013, the founder of the ACM Multimedia Interactive Art program, Industry Track chair for ACM RecSys 2010 and UMAP 2009, and panels chair for KDD 2009. His work has led to over 70 technical publications, he has been granted several patents, and serves in the program committee of several international conferences. He has been an invited speaker at MUM 2011 (keynote) ICME 2011, WWW 2011 (panels on Social Media), Practitioner Web Analytics 2010, CIVR 2010, ECML-PKDD 2010 and KDD 2009 and (Industry tracks), ACM RecSys 2008 (panel), DAGM 2008 (keynote), 2007 ICCV Workshop on HCI, and several others. Before joining Yahoo! Dr. Jaimes was a visiting professor at U. Carlos III in Madrid and founded and managed the User Modelling and Data Mining group at Telefonica Research. Prior to that Dr. Jaimes was Scientific Manager at IDIAP-EPFL (Switzerland), and was previously at Fuji Xerox (Japan), IBM TJ Watson (USA), IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory (Japan), Siemens Corporate Research (USA), and AT&T Bell Laboratories (USA). Dr. Jaimes received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (2003) and a M.S. in Computer Science from Columbia U. (1997). He is an exhibiting artist and his Urban Sensoria workshops have been held in several cities around the world.