Virtual Oulu

Virtual Oulu is a collaborative 3D virtual model of downtown Oulu realized atop the realXtend open source platform for the 3D Internet.

Source materials

The manually modeled detailed textured source materials of the Virtual Oulu model are openly available for free in a Subversion (SVN) repository at the Beanstalk hosting service.

Link to SVN repository

You can retrieve the files with a command line SVN client or with a GUI client such as Tortoise SVN for Windows.

The source materials are licensed under separate Creative Commons licenses for runtime exports and model source files respectively:

Exports for runtime: Creative Commons by Attribution

Original source files (Blender & 3DS Max files): Attribution-ShareAlike

In practice, runtime exports can be used in any way including commercial products as long as appropriate credit is given. Any modifications to the original source files have to be shared. The motivation is to allow open utilization of the models while also ensuring that improvements to the models are shared so that the good and up-to-date versions of the Virtual Oulu would be publicly available.


The Virtual Oulu model and its source materials are provided as is without any guarantees for correctness and quality.